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Plus Answers To Your Frequently Asked Fee & appointment Questions

What will happen in my appointment?

I know that counselling is a mystery for most people. It can feel daunting on your first appointment even if you have had therapy before. Because every counsellor is different, it seems like a good idea for me to give you an idea of how a session with me will be set out.

Unless we arranged otherwise, your appointment will last between 50/60-minutes. Any appointments in my home will start with a drink and a little time to check-in. This is to give you time to get comfortable and settle into the room. But don't worry! If you are choosing to have a telephone or video appointment, we still take a bit of time to do the same. This is so you can get the most out of your appointment.

Therapy is a different process for every person and because of this at the end of an appointment I will check in to see how you are feeling before you leave to carry on with your day.

I understand that sometimes this is not possible but I would recommend that after a counselling appointment you give yourself some time alone or around trusted people and not going straight back to a work setting. If this is the case for you please let me know and we can discuss this in your appointment to try and make that an easier transition for you.

Do you have any pets?

I live with an enthusiastically friendly husky called Aria. Aria will love to come and say hello, but I must warn you of the vast amounts of fluff that you will get covered in!

With this in mind, if for whatever reason you would like to not see or be around Aria I completely understand. please let me know as Aria is more than happy to have a sleep in the kitchen for your appointment.

Some clients, especially my teenage clients, like keeping Aria around for appointments. Aria loves it! but I don’t recommend this. don't get me wrong, Aria is amazing at cuddles but, she is not, I repeat not, a professional. and has a tendency to try to make your session about her! I’m sure you can imagine this is distracting.

Because, particularly some more nervous, clients find Aria comforting. If this is something you would like let me know, I will make the effort to and give Aria an extra brush for the sake of your clothes!

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Counselling Prices

  • Individual counselling £35 (50 minutes)

  • Parent-Child Counselling & Relationship Counselling £40 (50 minutes)

  • Parent-Child Counselling & Relationship Counselling £60 (90 minutes)


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