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Mental health in your school is Investing in your student’s Success

Helping educators who want the best outcomes for their students

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Counselling is amongst the most common intervention delivered in education. Allowing your children, the space to explore and move to overcome the distressing issues impacting their:

  • Relationships

  • Wellbeing

  • Academic achievements

  • Learning

  • Attendance.

A Counselling service in your school will be pivotal for more than just your students stuck in CAMHS referral loops. It will be the positive relationship for students who are fast approaching another exclusion and you feel would benefit an extra approach. The kids who are standing out for how hard they work and quick they get distressed, The students who have recently lost someone & the students who openly ask for help.

I work the way I do, to make counselling accessible for even the hardest to reach teens in your school. If behaviour is communication, then in my experience these teens often don’t speak a language many of us can understand. Counselling will be an outlet for these students to build a positive relationship with an adult in your school and shape the foundations for many more.

“These programs help every student develop competencies in academic achievement, personal and social development, and career planning.”

- Shaterloo

There are countless challenges your students will face; even more ways they will let us know. An onsite counsellor can help you when you are feeling

  • Concerned by classroom disruptions

  • Tired of outside agencies not delivering and want a face to work with your students to promote lasting change

  • Frustrated with the communication breakdown with your students and their families

  • Need a trusted professional to call on to support your students with child protection situations

  • strained by the level of resilience in some of your students

Centred around helping your students

embrace who they want to become and flourish in everything they do

The service can be custom fit to blend seamlessly into your school day. When your needs change, the service is flexible to rise to that occasion. Counselling can generate change for students struggling with concerns surrounding:

  • Self-injury

  • family conflict

  • school avoidance

  • classroom removals

  • Anger outbursts.

More than this, with years of experience working with the complex issues that can walk through the school gates. I am well versed in working with Child protection, ACE’s, CSE, attachment & Gender inclusion. With the knowledge to collaborate with your procedures to support to both you and your students. Integrating to create a service that complies with your safeguarding policy, promotes safe practice and meets your needs.

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Counselling in your School

Counselling in your school can look like this

  • Fully functioning Counselling service where the referrals are managed by you

  • Assembly talks on a range of topics

  • PSHE days fitting your learning outcomes

  • drop-in & after school sessions

  • Group Intervention (Exam Stress, bereavement & anger to name a few)

  • Staff wellbeing including staff training & INSET training

  • wellbeing supervision

I am a therapist who loves to help students embrace who they are and succeed in their future. who is uniquely qualified to help you Promote positive mental health in your school. I have worked in education long enough to understand that success comes when the counselling service fits in with SLT, support staff and parents to achieve the best outcome for your young people.

I graduated with a degree in Counselling in 2014 I have worked toward tailoring my skills and experience to make me an asset for every school I work in. With over 8 years’ experience working with adolescents, 5 of which working specifically within an education setting delivering positive outcomes.

counselling services in secondary schools are paramount in impacting on students’ social and emotional adjustment and thus enhancing individual performance and raising holistic wellbeing of students – Gatua

Having a counsellor working for your school has an endless amount of benefits.

  • Improve your student’s communication & conflict resolution skills

  • Increase their self-esteem

  • Encourage them away from self-destructive behaviours

  • Healthier expression & management of their emotions

  • Support through anxiety, low mood or other mental health conditions

  • More confident students with better decision-making skills

Counselling in your school can be a welcome addition, creating space to support your staff to excel in their role, happier children walking through the gates & more enjoyment in education.

Take the Next Step, Reach Out A Free Consultation

If you want to promote positive mental health in your school or feel like you would benefit from any of the other features that come with a school counsellor, Investing in your student’s success, reach out to me for your free consultation at 07784800712 or by emailing me on today. Counselling will work for your school.