and hit the ground running in September

This                  is designed to give teens

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The kickstart they need to           their summer 


Year 11 is big enough without adding over 3 months out of classrooms and off the boil into the mix.


With 6 weeks of summer, it can be easy for anxiety to roll in. Leaving teens distracted, giving up before they have started and dreading the thought of going back.


I put this guide together to give the teens struggling with this the

tools they need to banish unnecessary worry and direct the energy into achieving their dreams and enjoying themselves while doing it.

High school is where so many teens strengthen their foundations.

  • Making friendships to take them through to adulthood

  • Balancing growing up with the onslaught of hormones

  • Getting a sense of who they are

  • Preparing themselves to go out into the "big wide world"

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All challenging enough without a global pandemic raising stress and taking us away from our normal.


This guide can be the first step to getting to grips with the new normal.

Love this Summer 

& Hit the ground running in September

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